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For a number of years (yes, before they were popular...) we have been involved in building modified sports Moto Guzzi's. Our first Guzzi was built in 1985 and was Le Mans 3 based with a Raceco engine, CMA wheels, Crossbow pipes and twin headlights (eek...). Uniquely, in the road race seasons 2009 to 2012 we raced a Tonti framed Le Mans 1000 to championship winning success and have built two spine-framed IoM TT racers since. We even have our own crazy Guzzi 'Fat-Tracker' Hillclimber.

Here is a simple checklist in answer to FAQ's on our Guzzi builds:

  1. Do you want a twin-shock Tonti frame? (if yes, will increase costs, spine-frame Guzzi's cheaper)

  2. Do you want spoke wheels? (cast wheels will save a HUGE chunk of ᳨, and are more readily available)

  3. Do you want a polished alloy tank? (again, adds a big cost, consider a steel tank and a fancy paint job)

  4. Do you want a round-barrel engine? (pre-1981 round-barrel are much more expensive than later Guzzi's)

  5. Do you want a tuned bike to go a bit faster? (Guzzi cafe racers are really about looks, not performance, reconsider)

  6. Do you want the bike to be comfortable and easy to use? indicators? (again, Guzzi cafe racers are about looks, reconsider)


It is difficult to be specific on costs given the vast number of variables in parts and donor bike prices. Bearing this in mind, it would be hard to pull together any sort of decent Guzzi cafe racer for much under 묠typically, we would budget/operate in the 렴o 렲ange for a customer bike. Given the large number of variables, a customer can pretty much control the spend depending on the specification of the Guzzi we are building. At the top end of this price range, Muzzi Moto would expect to be able to out do zee German coffee drinkers at less than half the price...

Below are examples of the some special parts/items we have access to and some recent customer builds, we can always build a bike to your requirements! Contact us

Took the wife and kids to Florida, they were so pleased....




















Muzzi Moto Cafe Racers - Bound only by your imagination (and wallet...)


V50's to Le Mans's, V75's to Cali's, 350's to 1100's, if Carlo built it give us a call... 

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