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Our major partners at Muzzi Moto are NBS (the famous Nigel Billingsley) who provide the workshop and machine preparation to Muzzi Moto.

NBS are the leading Moto Guzzi only mechanical specialists in the UK. Having been in business for approaching 20 years NBS offer unrivalled back-up and mechanical support to all Moto Guzzi models. If your Guzzi is in need of mechanical assistance, call Big Nige' on 01889-271818 or visit the NBS website at:


Summary of Warranty

This warranty covers mechanical or electrical failure of any of the major parts of a used motorcycle purchased from Muzzi Moto Limited. This is a non-transferable warranty and requires the return of the motorcycle to the workshops of NBS Motor Cycle Servicing, Ingestre Garage, Trent Drive, Ingestre near Stafford, Staffordshire ST18 0RE. Telephone: 01889 271818. Email:

1. Components covered under this warranty

ENGINE - Cylinder head, all internal bushes, camshafts and followers, cylinder bores, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder block or barrels crankcase assembly, cylinder head gasket, push rods, gudgeon pins, connecting rods and bearings, flywheel, oil pump, tappet gear, pistons and rings, timing gears, chain and belts, valves and guides.

GEARBOX - Internal breakdown of any mechanical parts, including gears, selector shafts and forks, bearings and bushes.

SWING ARM UNIT - All bushes and components within the swing arm unit

CLUTCH - Mechanical breakdown, not wear and tear.

INSTRUMENTS - Speedometer head, tachometer, gauges (mechanical failure only)

ELECTRICAL - Starter motor, alternator/generator, rectifier, C.D.I. unit.

FINAL DRIVE UNIT - Driveshafts, universal joints, bearings and gears

SUSPENSION - Rear suspension unit, loss of fluid, pressure or mechanical breakdown of the suspension joints

FRONT TELESCOPIC FORKS - Loss of fluid, pressure or mechanical breakdown of the suspension springs.

BRAKES - Brake master cylinder and callipers including internal components, pistons, and seals (excluding corrosion or wear and tear).

FRAME/EXHAUST SYSTEM - Failure of a structural member unless caused by impact.

2. Warranty Exemptions (this warranty does not cover the following).

2.1   Accidental damage of any kind.

2.2   Defects caused by the use of parts and accessories fitted after the Date of Issue.

2.3   Defects caused by faulty adjustment, or faulty repairs and faulty alterations not performed by NBS, or otherwise authorised by Muzzi Moto Limited.

2.4   Normal servicing and normal service items, such as spark plugs, oil and air filters are not covered by this warranty.

2.5   The warranty does not cover the cost of transportation of the machine to or from NBS or expenses incurred while the motorcycle is off the road for warranty repairs.

2.6   The battery is excluded from the terms of this warranty.

2.7   Items which are expected to wear as part of their normal function such as tyres, bulbs and brake pads are excluded.

2.8   Excluded from this warranty are seats, luggage, paint, chrome, polished aluminum items, or trim deterioration caused by normal wear and tear, exposure, or lack of correct maintenance.

3. Warranty Holder’s obligations (the warranty is only valid if the holder).

3.1   Complete the service schedule consistent with the age and use of the motorcycle and consistent with the manufactures original recommendations where reasonably applicable.

3.2   Keep all serviceable items up to a satisfactory standard to prevent unnecessary deterioration of related components.

4. Repairs Procedure
Immediately a fault becomes evident to the Warranty Holder; contact should be made with the NBS workshop to seek expert advice on the cause. If the fault is established as being covered by this warranty certificate, the motorcycle should be returned to NBS for repair at a time agreed between the Warranty Holder and NBS.

5. Terms & Conditions

5.1   This is a warranty against mechanical or electrical failure and does not cover serviceable or consumable items such as brake pads, cables, lubricants etc.

5.2   The warranty does not cover the cost of vehicle recovery and it is the responsibility of the Warranty Holder to arrange delivery of the bike to NBS’s premises in order to facilitate repairs under the warranty.

5.3   The warranty does not transfer upon sale of the bike to another person or business.

5.4   The warranty is invalidated if the motorcycle is used for competition, racing, track days or any form of motor sport.

5.5   The machine must not have been “misused”. For the avoidance of doubt, “misused” includes, but is not limited too any use of the motorcycle which does not constitute normal road use.

5.6   The warranty does not cover motorcycles used on a commercial basis.

5.7   The warranty does not cover machines which have been inadequately lubricated, or for which the wrong fuel has been used.

5.8   Any statement, condition, representation, description or warranty otherwise contained any publication shall not be construed as enlarging, varying or overriding anything contained herein.

5.9   This warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and any question arising from this warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts. This warranty does not affect any statutory rights. 

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